Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

This past week has been a bit much. We have been busy with two physical therapy appointments, an African Children's Choir concert, and a Gathering of the Guilds in addition to the usual chorus, errands, play date, and gymnastic trainings. Whew! In addition (or because of?) the kids were rotten to each other and E fought school every day. Noted. But the PT was necessary (and will be ongoing), and the choir and guilds were amazing experiences that I believe we all benefitted from. It is tricky to sort out what is worth pushing E for, though. The backlash can be long-lasting.


The kids have been asking a lot of questions about countries, continents, capitols, states...and they have been listening to anthems and drawing flags. Many, many flags. So I attempted to draw a map of continents on my board. Not too bad. The kids compared it to our little globe, which led to questions about the lines criss-crossing on the globe, time zones, and hemispheres. Longitude and latitude! Did I say E missed geography last year? It is covered now, and in a fraction of the time.

Next up on E's agenda is science. He wants to know all the laws of of physics. All. The. Laws. Rather than googling it, I am reading through this science book. I want to approach this in a logical order. The author recommends starting with this book even if the children are middle school age, and I plan to read through the second book as well before we begin. E takes issue with science experiments he didn't create himself, so I am not sure how this will go. I may need to be teaching e, or myself, instead. I wonder how he would respond to something like Tinker Crate? It is pre-fabricated, but not by me...


Meanwhile, E is perfecting his 3D drawing. This is his first house with a roof.

Easter eggs! And, as part of our Ancient China lesson, silkworm cocoons that we are unraveling. We dipped them into the leftover egg dye!

Happy Easter!



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