Saturday, November 29, 2014

Random Bits of Happiness

Rolling candles for Advent with friends...E whipped out this little one to see how fast it would burn. After a few candles were rolled and decorated, e and s rolled sweet honey-smelling wands and ran off to pretend they were Malificent.
Origami birds! This official pigeon was quickly joined by a flock of white pigeons...doves, perhaps?
e knit not only a cupcake hat, but later a cherry to go on top! Start to finish, knitting in the round, kfb, frosting drips, I-cord... So proud of my determined junior knitter!
Acrylic paint and leaves with friends. Same directions, four different girls, beautiful and unique results.
I found this picture online recently of e's chorus singing at a retirement home a few months ago. It took me a bit to find e, even though I knew where she had been standing. She's looking older by the day....
This is how G likes to watch family movies: from the salad bowl.

With all the fairy tale craze created by daddy reading aloud The Sisters Grimm, Magicalamity, and The Wizz Pop Chocolate Shop, we decided to watch Once Upon a Time on Netflix during our Saturday night family movie time, one or two episodes at a time. It leads to a lot of discussion about why one story says this while another says that about the same character. E has a hard time understanding "because the author/screenwriter decided it should be that way." Why? What were their motives? What do they know that I don't? This is helping him to see that fiction is in the hands of the storyteller. The story can be anything the author wants it to be.
Anna helped me make the pie crust for Thanksgiving. G supervised closely.

My family decided to alter our traditions a bit. Instead of eating turkey, we ate pizza and watched Free Birds. (In the movie, turkeys go back in time and serve pizza at the first Thanksgiving.) After all, we eat turkey almost every week. I rarely make pizza. Which one symbolizes a festive occasion for my children? ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

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