Sunday, July 20, 2014

Catching Up

This summer has been busy! We have met new friends, deepened friendships, and played to our hearts' content. Even with the jellyfish and wasp stings, lack of structure, and lots of car time, I believe both children will say it has been a wonderful experience. Two more weeks- including a week of day camp for e- and then we will settle a bit more into home life again in preparation for the upcoming school year. That means finishing up last year's main lesson books, which were left hanging in favor of beach play. Here's their last few pages I never posted:

Oh. My. Word! This was a tough block for E! In e end it was YouTube songs that saved us.

Review of forms- his favorite assignment. One or two running forms a day.

He is getting better at cursive! I ordered an actual handwriting main lesson book for each child this year. I'll let you know if that helps.

And....this. Pulling teeth. That's where we stopped. This week we will return to finish the page with examples and color.

Our Story of the World lesson book. Early writing.

And mummies. Fun stuff. We actually made a game hen mummy a few years ago. The kids don't remember it, but I do. Every time I'd go to change out the corn starch, I'd cringe and hold my breath...but it never smelled bad. Shocked me every single time!

e and I read the last few stories in Christopherus' first grade curric. e was determined to hear them all!


This was a FAVORITE. Abu Kasim's Boots. She talked about it for weeks!

A pretty form. e figured out how to make her sun glow. :)

E's spelling. Slowly but surely...


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