Saturday, June 14, 2014

Birthdays, closets, gardens...

e turned 7. A rising second grader! She got her donuts, fruit pizza, dinner pizza, ham and cheese, and everything else she requested. She had a little party at the pool. She got very thoughtful gifts. Her friend J even gave her his lucky fishing pole! From family she was given a pool pass (with a promise to use it every Friday, weather pending), a week of day camp at the botanical gardens, and a few garden art lessons. Plus two new dresses- Nana is the supplier of all things pretty- and some art odds and ends for creativity from Grandma. Hard to believe my baby is 7. First grade is over. Onward and upward, right?

C took a week of leave and built E a closet. Built. A. Closet. I'm impressed. I married a musician, not a carpenter! Yet he has risen to the challenge and did a beautiful job. In this picture I haven't quite finished painting. I love E's color choices. Such a happy room.

Our wedding anniversary was at the end of May, but I had to include a picture of the first ever anniversary card we've received from our children. :) 14 years, after 5 years of dating! (I love C's hair in the pic!)

Finishing up school...though to some degree we will school year-round. More on that later.


After 6 delicious radishes were harvested and eaten, we opted to leave the last two (which have since bloomed the prettiest purple flowers!) as sacrificial plants. We collected any caterpillars we found and watched them grow. When they emerged....cabbage moths! My apologies to nearby gardeners, but we all learned a lot from watching those little buggers.

We went strawberry picking with our friends A and D and their mom Y- they are teaching us Spanish! But about the strawberries...we left the patch with 2 full buckets. By the time we got home, well, they weren't so full. :)

Our snap peas are producing! Each day we get at least 5. Next year we will plant many more...these are delicious! Our pumpkin and cucumber are flowering, and baby peppers are growing. The basil and chives are very happy. A new batch of strawberries is even ripening!

I love this picture. She continues to be the comic relief on our toughest days.


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